FCB UU Rainbow Chalice

First Church in Barre, Universalist



We are proud to be a U.U.A. certified Green Sanctuary


Congregations and congregants working together to restore Earth and renew Spirit. The Green Sanctuary Program...

  • Provides the framework for congregations to begin specific projects and activities that lead to recognition as a Green Sanctuary through candidacy and then accreditation.
  • Invites congregations to embark on an exploration of what it means to live today within a religious community on an imperiled Earth.
  • Is a way for all Unitarian Universalists to join our efforts, both symbolically and explicitly, in becoming stewards of the Earth.

A Green Sanctuary is a congregation that...

  • Has received official recognition for completing the Green Sanctuary Program.
  • Lives out its commitment to the Earth by creating sustainable lifestyles for its members as individuals and as a faith community.
  • Is committed towards creating a religious community that has a fundamental, bottom-line, commitment to living in harmony with the Earth.

For more information go to www.uua.org/leaders/leaderslibrary/greensanctuary