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Welcome to the First Church in Barre Music Program!


Choir during Christmas serviceMusic is an extremely valuable part of the outreach and fellowship of our church. Our choir director, Roger Grow, is a professional musician who has sung at Carnegie Hall and teaches music at a local public school. We encourage anyone with a desire to sing to be a part of our choir. We have all ages and experience levels in our group. Our Berkshire built Thurman W. Dix Memorial Organ is one of the finest musical instruments in the area and outside groups occasionally give concerts here.

We have the best choir, director and musical background from any church I have been to in my life. There is also an assortment of special music throughout the year that I look forward to. I like the fact that anyone can be in the choir whether it be every Sunday or once a year.

Paulette O'Bryan

We have a Music & Worship Committee that works with our Minister and our musicians on creating meaningful worship. If you have been attending our services and become interested in participating in our music or music and worship programs, please speak with our minister.

Roger shared some readings at our Dec. 30, 2012 Hymn Sing service on the "Spirituality of Music." Here is a link to the words of Hazrat Inayat Khan which were used during that service, and a pdf with additional music quotes.

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