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Growing through Gratitude

This is an invitation to a challenge. One very concrete way to become a better person is to practice gratitude. We invite You to take on a gratitude practice, or if You already have one, to re-affirm your commitment to it. A gratitude practice could include things such as the following:

  • Keep a gratitude journal where each day You write three things for which You’re grateful.
  • Say grace before a specific meal or before all meals.
  • Sign up for and read the Word for the Day from www.Gratefulness.org
  • Sign up for and read the monthly newsletter from www.Gratefulness.org
  • Make a point of remembering to say “Thank You,” to people who help You, especially family members and close friends (where we sometimes have a tendency to take folks for granted)
  • On a daily basis, read a devotional book such as, “Graces: Prayers for Everyday Meals and Special Occasions” by June Cotner.

Remember You don’t have to do them all. Choose just one or two that really strike You and try to do it each day. If You fall off the wagon and forget to do it, just be gentle with yourself. When You realize You’ve forgotten, simply forgive yourself and resume without a fuss.

Videos on Gratitude

A video with beautiful imagery and a message worth listening to.

A man traveling the world doing a silly gratitude dance and the people who join him. Sure to bring a smile to your face.

The story of a man who found that focusing on the simple blessings of life could make a bigger difference in his life than he ever imagined.

Note: The following TED video displays in every major browser except Internet Explorer, versions 8 and earlier.